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The Wretched

It must be a daunting task for up and coming filmmakers to produce horror flicks which scare audiences senselessly, evident from the banal re-hashing of films about evil spirits, witches, monsters, and other murderous beings in recent years.

Originality admittedly lacks in this story of a spirit from the woods which possesses a teenager’s neighbour and in the process preys upon children erasing any trace of their existence.

However, well-crafted and suspenseful, this supernatural horror film succeeds in keeping audiences at the edge of their seats, utilising creepy camera work and skin-crawling special effects.

Audiences are teased by all the traditional scare tactics including creaking floorboards, sinister noises in the night, dark cellars, and an abundance of jump-scare moments until the heart-stopping finale.

A fresh cast of little-known young actors works well in this chilling and atmospheric film which fortunately lacks the cheesiness of other movies in this genre.

A hit at drive-ins in the US during the pandemic, The Wretched should prove popular amongst late teen audiences. (MMo)


Available on Foxtel Store until July 18. On-Demand platforms from September 2.