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Mighty Oak

Tommy Ragen who plays the pivotal role in Mighty Oak is an accomplished actor, composer, and musician who has released three albums – all at the tender age of 12.

He plays the role of Oak, a 10-year-old boy who replaces Vaughn Jackson, the frontman in an adult’s rock band after tragedy strikes. Something of a prodigy, a bond develops between Oak and Gina, the young manager of the group who believes her brother Vaughn may have reincarnated into this young boy with ‘monster talent’.

There are many striking coincidences – is she correct or merely delusional? Gina believes in the power of love and music and questions whether the universe has brought the band together in a different way and different time.

The synopsis of this film marketed at teenyboppers feels like a made-for-cable Nickelodeon production and may at first appear to be laughable, but it’s actually a cute, sudsy, and feel-good film boasting a great soundtrack.

The finale may be unrealistic and overly sugar sweet, but it’s definitely the finale audiences would have demanded. (MMo)


Premiering on digital platforms July 7