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Make Them Suffer – How To Survive A Funeral

Australia’s metalcore scene is truely something to behold. With bands like Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction, Northlane, and Perth’s Make Them Suffer all excelling. The latter of these groups are e once again staking their claim for the throne with their new record, How To Survive A Funeral.

Across the album’s 10 tracks Make Them Suffer appear to be working at the peak of their creativity and confidence. With this record they have been unafraid to take risks both with the lyrical and melodic content of the record.

Throughout the course of a full play through the band regularly shift from dark, aggressive metal to softer, more melodic approaches. Initially this can be jarring but upon successive listens the hooks sink in and draw the listener deeper into the bells ape the band have created.

Bones, Erase Me, and The Attendant are all highlights which demonstrate the variability of the record and are worth checking out if you’re apprehensive about this record.

★★★ ½

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