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Jack Nolan – Our Waverley Star

Our Waverly Star, the latest album by Sydney based singer-songwriter Jack Nolan blends in a mesmerising mix of sounds, heart-warming lyrics, and catchy, melodic instruments to engage with the listener’s mind.

Featuring album tracks such as, The Bronte Train, The Quay and Life Is For Living, the album appeals to the listeners by taking them on an emotional journey through its tale-telling lyrics and intriguing finger picking acoustic guitar performance.

Throughout the 10 tracks, he perfectly captures the listener’s attention through the passionate tone in his tender, tough and true vocals.

Our Waverly Star is certainly country and folksy as it relaxes the listener, bringing feelings of contentment, depicting themes of reflection and hope as he sings in the form of a tale. You’ll certainly enjoy listening as you roll through the record.


Reviewed by Kirsta Cheung

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