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House Of Cardin

The story of world-famous fashion designer Pierre Cardin is brought to the screen in this very insightful documentary.

Born in 1922 he entered the world of fashion during WWII and to date, his brand is one of the largest in the world with thousands of licensees globally.

Regarded as untouchable, a genius and even a god Pierre Cardin is the most recognisable name in the world. When Chinese children were asked who the president of France was, they responded Pierre Cardin!

This documentary explores his life from early beginnings, how he built his empire, and why he was so respected and admired within the industry.

Vintage photographs and film footage interspersed with informative interviews from world-famous designers, models, and fashion writers, detail how he revolutionised fashion.

Many lesser-known facts about Cardin are also revealed, such as his claim that he discovered French actor Gerard Depardieu and that he had more passion for theatre than for fashion.

When asked what the secret to eternal youth is Cardin, who is approaching his 100th birthday, responded work – “work can make a person noble!” (MMo)

★★★ ½

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