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Endings, Beginnings

The complexities of modern-day relationships are explored in this small budget independent film, which should prove a favourite amongst female viewers.

Daphne is a young lady who has left her boyfriend and claims she is having a break from alcohol, dating, and men. However, she quickly embarks on new sexual relationships which ultimately wedges the long-time friendship between two men.

This is the story of a woman’s inability to commit to relationships and more importantly her inability to explain why. Many scenes feel undirected and almost ad-libbed, as she finds comfort having long intense conversations about her relationships with new love interests.

Some audiences may find it difficult to feel any empathy for this character who seems to make a mess of everything favourable in her life and who asks, “Was my ex the one? Should I have stuck it out?”

Relaxed viewing, this pleasant and strangely entrancing film may aptly be described as a cautionary love tale and also makes a poignant statement about the importance of monogamy in relationships. (MMo)