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DMA’s – Unplugged & Intimate

Photo: McLean Stephenson

Ever since coronavirus arrived on our shores entertainment options, such as concerts, have been total no no’s. Beginning Thursday though that all changes when Sydney’s own DMA’s revive the live music scene with their socially distanced, COVID-19 safe, acoustic concert series.

Following the release of their third album, The Glow, the band have been required to rethink how they go about performing these new songs in a pandemic landscape. In order to get these shows underway DMA’s have had to develop a COVID-19 safe concert series which will see them performing two shows per night, for nine nights over the course of three weekends for a total of 18 shows. An ambitious plan which has frontman Tommy O’Dell somewhat nervous.

“Playing two gigs per night is probably not ideal as a singer but this could be the new norm for a while, o you’ve got to adapt,” explained O’Dell before continuing. “As a singer it will definitely be more strenuous for me than the other boys. We’ll see how we go, just means we can’t party too much.”

While O’Dell is apprehensive about how is voice will hold up to the gruelling schedule he and the rest of the band are just happy that these shows can even go ahead as they had feared a tour for The Glow may not happen at all.

“It feels good to be able to even say we’re playing live gigs because three or four months ago we were planning on touring for six months. Obviously that got taken away though, so we’re all feeling really happy to be able to play live again.”

In order to be able to play live these shows will be drastically different from a typical DMA’s show.

These show will be held inside The Factory Theatre, which typically has a capacity of 500 but will only be holding 150 people in a seated and socially distanced formation. These shows will also be acoustic performances, which O’Dell explained is “not unfamiliar” for the band.

Despite these changes the shows are seeking incredibly well and is a positive sign of the industry adapting to change according to O’Dell.

“I think we’ve sold 1500 tickets, which for an acoustic gig is amazing… From that you can tell that people, in Sydney anyway, are ready to get out there and listen to music. They obviously feel comfortable enough now that it is something on their minds, so I look forward to it and I’m sure all of the necessary precautions will be put into place to keep everyone safe.”

Until Aug 15. Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville. $50+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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