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Streamed Shakespeare – Two Noble Kinsmen

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Aussie theatre initiative Streamed Shakespeare presents a creative way of uniting people in isolation through creating streaming adaptations of The Bard’s most loved plays.

Inspired by the COVID-19 crisis, cast and crews have expanded to an international scale as it was initially drawing on only Sydney based talent.

The upcoming play Two Noble Kinsmen directed by Eleni Cassimatis will be taking viewers back in time to examine love in all its fluid and complex forms with its virtual sets, costumes and original music.

Artistic Director Holly Champion told City Hub, “it’s one of the few companies that offer performance work, bringing together creatives in these challenging times for the arts.”

With each show continually finding innovative ways to improve its performance, the young Aussie theatre company has expanded to an international audience to create a much needed sense of community.

More than online performances from its creative team, the shows have new additional improvements such as pre-recorded video, sound effects and backdrops to present their audience a full live theatre experience.

Don’t miss out on seeing Shakespeare’s tragicomedy The Two Noble Kinsmen.

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By Kirsta Cheung

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