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Sea Fever

Set aboard an Irish fishing vessel which encounters a parasitic plague and thus enters into a forced quarantine, the themes of Sea Fever hit close to home given the current global pandemic.

Sea Fever follows Siobhán (Hermione Corfield), an Irish marine biology student who is tasked with joining a fishing crew on their latest voyage in order to get some field experience. Whilst aboard the vessel, the high superstitious crew become weary of Siobhán’s red hair, and initially blame her for the bad luck which befalls them.

As the parasitic infestation slowly reveals itself though Siobhán must use her scientific skills and knowledge to aid the crew. To do so she recommends quarantine for the entire ship, despite injured crew members being aboard and wanting to return to shore. A move which forces the viewer to ponder the idea of risking a few to save the wider majority. 

Clocking in at just 89 minutes Sea Fever moves rapidly and thus fails to let the dread and claustrophobia set its hooks.

This low budget film performs admirably, particularly during the current global quarantine, but will more than likely be one you look to catch and release.


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