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Savannah Clarke – Now United

At a time when the world has been driven apart by COVID-19 but then drawn together in the fight for justice and and to racism the global music group Now United is perhaps more poignant than ever. For Australian music lovers the group has gained even greater significance recently with the addition of Sydneysider Savannah Clarke.

Now United is a youth pop group consisting of 15 singers, each of a different nationality. Clarke joined the group in February of this year becoming Now United first Australian and the youngest member of the group at just 16 years old.

When speaking to City Hub Clarke explained that the process of joining the group took place at break neck pace.

“It all happened so fast. The week before I was chosen I was starting back at school. Then the next week I was travelling to Brazil for a promo tour. It was crazy!”

Even learning about the group’s existence happened incredibly fast for Clarke.

“I didn’t know anything about Now United until I got DM’d through Instagram,” she explained. “After I got that message I started researching them and quickly realised how special it was to be contacted by them.”

To be contacted by the group was so special because of the man behind the group. The brainchild of Simon Fuller, the creator of the Idol television franchise and manager of stars such as Annie Lennox, the Spice Girls, Amy Winehouse, and Jennifer Lopez.

The entire process of meeting Fuller, being chosen for Now United and then officially joining the group by meeting the other members was a “dream come true” for Clarke. However, it all took place so quickly that it Clarke said it was hard to believe at times because her “life literally changed forever at that moment.”

Now that Clarke is an official member and has had a chance to take it all in she says she is “honoured” to represent Australia and is looking forward to spreading the group’s message.

“We want to be able to travel to every country to show them that everyone from every country can unite and stand together.”

In the meantime the group have continued to make content, music and connect with each online.

“We’re all spread out in our own different countries at the moment but we’ve all setup our own home recording studios,” said Clarke. “We’re all trying to make lots of positive content to keep sending out positive vibes to everyone who needs it right now.”

Follow Savannah Clarke on Instagram at @savannah.clarke and Now United at @nowunited

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