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Romantic Road

Romantic Road is a heartfelt documentary of a man, a woman, and their 1936 Rolls Royce.

Showing that retirement doesn’t mean the adventure of life has to stop, Rupert and Jan Gray embark on a road trip through India to fulfil a lifelong dream. At its very core, this story is about the simple joys of life, fostering a connection to the Grays’ from the very beginning. Romantic Road has a very feel-good energy to it. The authenticity of the film in the way the cast talks about one another makes it feel like drinking coffee on a warm Sunday morning.

While, at times, the film can be repetitive and slow, I personally enjoyed the nice symbolic reiteration of what Rupert and Jan mean to one another, and the power of having someone who makes you feel like anything is possible, no matter how old you are. The raw emotion of the film highlights one of its major themes; a place is made of the people who are in it.

To quote Jan, “The times we have together must be acknowledged and celebrated and rejoiced in our hearts.”


Reviewed by Rida Babar