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The little-known true story of Marcel Marceau’s activities during WWII, before he became a world-famous actor and mime artist, is meticulously detailed in this human story of courage and heroism.

Marcel joined the French resistance group, with which fought the Nazis and was directly responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of Jewish children from persecution by leading them over the French Alps to Switzerland.

Audiences should realise even before the opening credits appear when a Jewish girl asks her father, “Why do they hate us?” and soon afterwards witnesses her parents murders, that this is a dark film which will numb the senses.

Jesse Eisenberg (Now You See Me) delivers an arresting portrayal as “Germany’s Charlie Chaplin” who comforted these orphaned children and restored their smiles through mime.

Visually stunning, the film is disturbingly realistic as unsettling scenes of brutality imposed upon the Jewish leave nothing to the imagination.

This life-affirming story of resilience during one of the darkest chapters in history is dedicated to the millions of Jewish children who needlessly perished under Hitler’s Third Reich. (MMo)


Available to rent Now on the Foxtel Store. Other VOD platforms July 29.

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