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Pool Noodles Enforce Social Distancing At Art Exhibition Launch

David Art Wales Planet Covid 3

Renowned Sydney artist, David Art Wales launched Australia’s first contact free art exhibition, Going Viral, on June 6, with works inspired by COVID-19.

Wales, who said the works were his way of “coping with lockdown,” will hold his exhibition at the DuckRabbit in Redfern until the end of June.

Social distancing was ensured by X’s marked on the pavement, staggered timeslots for 10 guests at a time who air kissed and sipped champagne, using pool noodles to ensure a 1.5 metre separation.

Known widely as the creator of 80s cult figure Guru Adrian, and recently as the man who auctioned off his former life in New York City, Wales has likened the modern image of the COVID-19 molecule as the new skull and bones.

In an interview with City Hub, Wales said that he chose to use pool noodles to maintain distance as a “fun and visually interesting way to enforce social distancing.”

“I had this picture in my mind of long brightly coloured noodles protruding from everyone…a light-hearted way to mindfully celebrate being able to socialise after being hunkered down for two months.”

When asked how he hopes to impact people with his exhibition, Wales said, “For many, this pandemic is a defining moment of our lives as World Wars and the Great Depression were for our parents and grandparents. I made this series to acknowledge what we’ve all been through and continue to go through together. They’re souvenirs in a way. Badges of honour.”

Until Jun 30. DuckRabbit, 138 Little Eveleigh St, Redfern. Info:

By Rida Babar

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