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Love Sarah

Not since Chocolate has there been such a delightful film set in a bakery which boasts a ‘deliciously alluring secondary cast’ of mouth-watering tortes and cakes.

Love Sarah is a bakery established by a young lady and dedicated to her deceased mother Sarah, who in the process fulfilled her dream posthumously.

“Mum would’ve wanted us to open the bakery” and so the story evolves, with memories flowing from the past as the business escalates from marginally successful to one of the most reputable bakeries in London featured in a prominent food magazine.

Celia Imrie (Finding Your Feet) leads a predominantly female cast in this enchanting British feel-good chick flick which explores family estrangements, friendships, regrets, new beginnings, and also touches on the importance of multiculturalism.

This is an emotionally driven film with drama, romance and a few surprises as audiences question the intentions of a newly appointed mystery chef.

Love Sarah is a quality film for discerning audiences who will doubtlessly venture off to the closest café for a slice of cake after the screening. (MMo)

★★★ ½

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