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Grey Daze – Amends

Posthumous releases of any kind – whether they be in the form of singles, films, or as is the case with Amends full albums – are always a delicate matter.

Whilst Chester Bennington is best known as the voice of Linkin Park, it was not his only musical project. Prior to forming that iconic band Bennington was the driving force behind post-grunge outfit Grey Daze, a band which has now been resurrected to honour a man who had a profound impact on bandmates and fans alike.

Prior to his passing Bennington had eagerly announced a ‘live’ reunion for Grey Daze, so for that to be suddenly taken away many fans were left with a void and many questions about what could have been. This new release, which delicately fuses prior Bennington vocal recordings with new backing tracks, attempts to fill that void and answer some of those questions.

Amends shines a new light on a profoundly talented individual, particularly highlighting the growth that he experienced in his vocal work throughout his life. These songs are especially haunting and bittersweet, particularly on singles Sometimes, Heroin, and at the closing of Shouting Out.

A difficult but truely special listening experience for Linkin Park and Bennington fans.

★★★★ ½

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