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Grant Stevens – The Forest

Grant Stevens. Photo: Aaron Anderson

While we’ve all been trapped away at home thanks to COVID-19 restrictions we’re probably all longing to recapture a connection with nature. Sydney artist Grant Steven’s new work The Forest should provide just that opportunity in a very unique manner.

In The Forest an artificially intelligent camera roams endlessly through an idealised computer-generated landscape. The work explores the interface between digital technologies and the natural environment, focusing on the point at which the two blend to create moments of contemplation and speculation.

Using computer software created for the gaming industry and drawing on the plentiful visual representations of nature available online Stevens’ installation at Sullivan+Strumpf Sydney will draw viewers into an idyllic alpine setting, with all of the hallmarks of a restorative screensaver. The experience of The Forest will be unlike any bush walk the viewer has ever had, as this time they will not have control of the journey but will somehow still be connected the nature surrounding them.

Enjoy a five-minute preview of The Forest on Vimeo.

Until Jul 18. Sullivan+Strumpf, 799 Elizabeth St, Zealand. Info:

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