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Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

From Finland comes this controversial adult’s only drama which makes Fifty Shades Of Grey seem like child’s play.

After the tragic loss of his wife, Juha stumbles upon a ‘dungeon’ where men can experience erotic practices involving bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadomasochism.

A strange and genuine bond develops between him and his dominatrix (dominating woman in BDSM activities) who forces him to mimic a dog. His obsession with these activities reaches alarming heights when he nearly succumbs from strangulation.

Is this the therapy he requires or is he on a downhill spiral that can only lead to mental decline and even death?

Amongst the aggressive scenes of sexual and personal degradation, a love story evolves that should prove perplexing but satisfying viewing.

Darkly humorous this erotic film is a voyeur’s fantasy, as audiences inadvertently find fulfilling entrapment in the bewildering and sinister world of unconventionally macabre sexual pleasures. (MMo)

★★★ ½

            Available July 1 on VOD via Google Play, iTunes, Fetch, Umbrella Entertainment

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