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In a global political climate dominated by Black Lives Matter rallies Burden arrives at a poignant time in world history.

A true story based on the 1990s story of a Ku Klux Klan member who has a change of heart thanks to the influence of his new girlfriend. 

When Mike Burden (Garret Hedland) meets Judy (Andrea Riseborough) he is a hardline member of the KKK, having been taken in an orphan by a leader of the group. As the film progresses Mike comes to see the error in his ways, through the guidance of Judy and her young son, and subsequently chooses to leave the Klan.

Upon leaving the group though Mike and Judy come to learn of the KKK’s immense influence over their town and are ultimately left with only one saviour, the town’s black reverend, Reverend David Kennedy (Forest Whitaker).

Burden is a film which aims to place a spotlight on the power of love to overcome oppression and hate. Sadly though the performances and plot fail to do so in an enthralling manner meaning the viewer is left underwhelmed by what should be a critical piece of filmmaking in the current world.

★★ ½

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