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Zoom Magic Virtual Show

When City Hub last spoke to Adam Axford, he was preparing for his RULEBREAKER show. In 2020, he is now hosting his virtual magic show from his home studio to bring you a mesmerising interactive magic show via Zoom.

Axford tells of his show, “the art is to stay adapted with the times of uncertainty, and magic is a great way of bringing people together and to take your mind off the chaos at the moment.”

The virtual shows are fully interactive, comprising of mind-blowing magic and unexplainable tricks to bring people together, especially in this very isolating time.

For Axford it’s been an interesting journey of exploring new ways to create magic on the platform. Sharing with City Hub, “I do a trick with a Rubik’s cube where I get guests to select how to mix the cube as there is a beautiful ending that everyone is always amazed by… I never knew it could work over the internet, but it’s like a perfect finale to get everyone together, showing we’re all connected despite the separation.”

Don’t miss out on enjoying 15-40 minutes of on screen magic with your corporate team, friends and family, or even a personal one-on-one show!

Book now by calling 0434862442 to get a quote.

By Kirsta Cheung

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