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Virtual Murder Mystery

Red Herring Games virtual live event whodunnit can now come directly to your living room once you click accept on your Zoom invite.

Managing director of Red Herring, Jo Smedly says “it’s the nicest thing is to see people joining the event from all around the world and meeting each other for the first time.”

Interaction with the audience in the virtual live event is not exactly the same way you would at a live event, as people’s videos and sounds are muted. However just like the event, you still get to meet all the characters live, see a picture of the crime scene, evidence, and interrogate the suspects to find out whodunnit.

More than participating in this mystery game, you can dress up fancy for an event in the comfort of your home in the isolating time.

“I didn’t think people would but people changing out of their pyjamas and are getting into their costumes to play the game. It’s really lovely to see families dressed up in their living rooms as they are obviously hoping to be invited to join” says Smedly.

Death By Chocolate, May 23, 7:30pm. $6. Tickets & Info:

By Kirsta Cheung

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