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The Wrong Missy

You generally know what to expect when watching a comedy produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions – outrageously cheesy, immature, vile and tasteless entertainment which predictably appears to be quite popular amongst younger audiences.

The Wrong Missy starts on the right track – Tim has made two acquaintances, both named Melissa. One is a gorgeous beauty queen the other an annoying, loud, and borderline psychotic. When he travels to a work retreat on a picturesque island, he inadvertently texts ‘the wrong missy’ to accompany him and must tolerate her antics and intoxicating personality. But is the wrong missy ultimately the right missy?

This film quickly derails after a promising start. The gags and comedy dwindle to cringe-worthy attempts at laughter and John Spade who plays the role of Tim seems bored and disinterested with the whole debacle.

The line of dialogue uttered by Tim, “This is so dumb” basically sums up the whole film, but if you’re feeling down and crave depraved laughter and a sense of relief from continued lockdown, this unsatisfying time killer may just be the right tonic. (MMo)


Available to watch now on Netflix

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