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Sydney South African Film Festival

Beyond Moving

The Sydney South African Film Festival is one of the first film festivals to go online nationally this year as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc across the country.

With a program of only four feature films, four documentaries, and one short, it’s a virtual film festival offering a limited program to ensure that only the most insightful and highest quality films are screened.

The films will be followed by interviews with the directors, and viewers will also have the opportunity to connect with the filmmakers in Q&A sessions.

“South Africa is a land of great beauty, tragedy, vibrancy, complexity, humanity, and colour. It’s rich in unique stories that need to be told, which is why it produces outstanding cinema,” explained Festival Director Claire Jankelson. (MMo)


BEYOND MOVING – A documentary which delves on a young boy’s gifted talent in ballet. He ultimately gains recognition in the professional world of ballet. A Billy Elliot style story.

JOHNNY GLEGG, THE WHITE ZULU – Music enthusiasts should enjoy the story of one of South African’s most prominent musicians.

FIELA’S CHILD – A drama about a mixed-race woman who takes in a lost child only to lose him years later to a family of woodcutters who claim he’s their son.

May 16-26. Screening online. $8.00 per view. Info & Screenings: