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Sydney Dance Company Virtual Classes

Lily Sophia-Dashwood

The arts and entertainment industry in this country has taken a massive hit due to the Coronavirus, just as the sports industry has, but unlike the NRL players whining about vaccinations and refusing to take it on the chin in the name of the game, many arts and entertainment companies are working hard to find ways of adapting and evolving with the times.

Professional dancers, for example, rehearse day in and day out in pursuit of perfection just as football players spend hours and hours training. A dancer’s body too is equally fit and toned as that of a football player. Good dancers start young. Very young. Sydney Dance Company has trained many such dancers over the years including Paul Mercurio of Strictly Ballroom fame. Now this world famous contemporary dance company has managed to find a way to run classes for its young dancers online.

“We have a genuine connection with our students. Classes are not pre-recorded but are live streamed. The emphasis is on fun and not just on outcomes,” said Polly Brett, head of open programs. “When students enter the virtual class the teacher chats with them first about their learning needs. Youth classes are capped and we make sure that each student gets individual attention with pointers on technique and style.”

Launching their Virtual Dance Studio in March, Sydney Dance Company was ahead of the game early with their classes for youth aged 8 to15 years. Running during the afternoons at 4pm from Tuesday to Friday to fit in with the end of a  school day, and on Saturday mornings at 10.30 to give all a chance to sleep in. Dance styles include ballet, hip hop, jazz, contemporary and more. The classes, of one hour duration, are taught by some of Sydney’s best dance teachers. Teachers who are also dancers with Sydney Dance Company.

The chance to learn dance techniques and practice new dance moves in your very own home with, excuse the pun, step by step guidance is an opportunity not to be missed. Sydney Dance Company has one of the largest open dance class programs in Australia and has been running classes since the 1980s.

“We are now not just in one geographical location. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to bring people together nationally in the joy of dance.” Brett enthused.

Unlimited Virtual Classes – $28 per week. Single classes & flexi packs also available (Sydney Dance Company accepts NSW Government Creative Kids vouchers.)


By Renee Lou Dallow

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