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Sleeping With Audible

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, but in these challenging times that can be difficult to achieve. To help us all unwind and relax before bed, Audible have launched a free series of audio experiences. They include bedtime stores, meditations and sound healings from celebrities such as Nick Jonas and Diddy, and others from renowned experts in the wellness field.

I admit, I was sceptical when I saw Diddy’s name, and I was fully prepared to laugh my head off before I started listening to his 25minute meditation. I lasted 15 minutes before I fell asleep. His dulcet tones are so reassuring and soothing that I couldn’t help but drift off. Nick Jonas’s bedtime story, about the perfect baseball pitch, wasn’t really my thing but it still made me sleepy.

Some of the more esoteric audio experiences (vibrating crystal bowls?) are more off the wall than others, but they all do what they say they will – put you into a deep state of relaxation that leads to sleep. And that is powerful currency in these times. You can access Audible’s free meditation content via the app and at The 10 titles will be free to listen until May 21.


Reviewed by Lisa Seltzer

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