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Sleaford Mods – All That Glue

Sleaford Mods are set to release their new album All That Glue this week.

Coming off of their first tour in Australia, the group’s album release couldn’t come at a better time.

Even from the names of the songs, fans can expect Sleaford Mods to be pushing the creative envelope more than ever. With titles like Tarantula Deadly Cargo, Jolly Fucker, and Reef Of Grief Sleaford Mods boldly make their opinions known.

The electric punk duo stays true to their outlandish style in their latest work, showcasing the power of minimalist music and just how much can be done with only two artists comprising the group.

Fans will also want to purchase All That Glue for the sake of the booklet of stories that add context to the songs, which comes along with the album.


Reviewed by Erika Echternach

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