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Silver Gull Play Award Lives On

Artwork: Michael Tonkin

The iconic Silver Gull Play Award has found a new home at New Theatre. The award was previously supported by an independent theatre company, but now with its new home it will continue to support and encourage NSW playwrights. 

The Silver Gull Play Award was originally created to help upcoming playwrights and celebrate new Australian work. After five successful years being hosted by Subtlenuance. Artistic Directors of Subtlenuancce, Paul Gilchrist and Daniela Girogi, issued a statement on their website explaining their decision to no longer host the award.

“We’ve decided that Subtlenuance, with its non-mainstream aesthetic, political, and philosophical values, is not the most appropriate company to host a literary award.” 

Thankfully, The Buzz From Sydney, that had been previously sponsoring the award agreed to continue funding the scholarship and New Theatre agreed to host the award. Artistic Director at New Theatre, Louise Fischer, is excited to have secured this partnership.

“I’ve always been passionate about developing new work, but it is often cost-prohibitive,” says Fischer, “So New Theatre is hugely grateful for The Buzz’s generosity.”

The Silver Gull Play Award 2020 will recognise an outstanding play by an NSW-based writer that aligns with New Theatre’s commitment to producing ‘Plays With A Purpose,’ and grant the recipient $5000 in prize money. Most importantly the Silver Gull Play Award will continue to enable new talent to share new stories.

By Mary Madigan