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‘Paul Keating’ To Launch Online Arts Hub

Jonathan Biggins As Paul Keating

Former Prime Minister, ‘The Hon. Paul Keating’ (*comedian Jonathan Biggins) is launching an online initiative called Dunera for members of the community to access live events that bring the world of art and culture online.

Brought forward by the Australian Jewish community, specifically Sydney’s Emanuel Synagogue, Dunera is free to all and features a mix of community learning, cultural enrichment, and entertainment. Users can participate in live events or browse the ‘On Demand’ section filled with music, talks, recipes, games, and more.

While Dunera has been launched by the Jewish community, it can be enjoyed by all.

The founding force for the project, Daniel Grynberg said, “Dunera was born from a deep desire to keep those isolated connected to the community.”

The initiative’s name originates from Jewish refugees who fled Nazi persecution in Germany and Austria on the ship HMT Dunera, trademarked the ‘Dunera Boys’. They included musicians, artists, philosophers, scientists, and writers.

Grynberg said, “Even during their [The Dunera Boys] internment, they kept their connection to a life filled with learning, culture, and spirituality. Through Dunera, we can do the same.”

Dunera will launch at 2pm on Thursday May 14, with an appearance from Paul Keating, Daniel Grynberg, and other hosts.

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By Rida Babar

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