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Mother’s Day Curated Book List

As we learn to navigate this world of social distancing, one thing is certain, the power of a good book. Harry Hartog have adapted their service of recommending books to people in their stores to a digital platform, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere and just in time for Mother’s Day.

Gift your Mum a personalised and unique book list for this Mother’s Day curated manually by expert booksellers across Australia, without the use of an algorithm. Each recommendation list includes five books and a thoughtful note about why each book was chosen and takes around 20 minutes to create.

Simply take the Mother’s Day Curated Book list survey consisting of 19 questions ranging from ‘What section of the bookshop do you normally gravitate towards?’ to ‘How do you want the next book to make you feel?’

With over 1,300 unique reading recommendations crafted. Harry Hartog connects families with their loved ones through books that reflect both the giver and the receiver.

Your Mum can delve into worlds not plagued by a pandemic and social restrictions. A world that finds her in Jacaranda Retirement Village learning that life doesn’t end at 79 or trying to solve the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle.

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By Ceyrone Akkawi