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Lights Up On The Arts [Home Delivery]

James Cutler

“The Arts CAN NOT and WILL NOT close”

Despite the devastation felt throughout the Arts industry as a result of COVID-19 and subsequent social distancing measures there remains a sense of optimism among the community. This optimism is perhaps best highlighted by the sense of generosity shown by artists and production companies as they continue to produce content, al be it in a much different fashion, for the masses.

One such production is te upcoming Lights Up On The Arts [Home Delivery] streaming event which is being organised by James Cutler and Joshua Robson Productions. This incredible online concert event will see a raft of Australian musical theatre stars coming together for what Cutler described as a “late-night TV show-esque” experience as they chat about their careers and lives before performing a song or two.

According to Cutler the show came about as a response to the current situation the arts community suddenly found itself thrust into.

Lights Up On The Arts for me was a response to the situation that is obviously happening all around us in the arts industry. It came about when I, like all of my friends and colleagues, was suddenly out of a job. It’s a devastating thing to look around and see all of your friends and contacts experiencing the same situation.”

Rather than wallow away in self pity though Cutler decided to make a stand, “I felt enough was enough, we can’t just sit back and be unemployed. We can’t wait for an industry to reboot itself because we don’t know when that is going to be but in the meantime we all need to pay the bills. So Lights Up On The Arts is about saying the arts can and will sustain.”

In order to make this stand Cutler reached out to his many contacts within the musical theatre scene and began formulating a show which now features performers from a myriad of different productions such as; School Of Rock, Come From Away, Shrek, A Chorus Line, Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, and Billy Elliot.

According to Cutler it came as no surprise to him that so many performers were willing to participate in the program.

“The thing about this is that a majority of the participants  simply wanted to do it purely for the art and the message that it sends. It says a lot about the generosity of the people in our industry that they want to keep giving during this difficult time.”

When asked what audiences should expect from the show Cutler said, People can expect to be entertained for a few hours, just as they would if they were ale to go to the live theatre. For a few hours escape into a world of phenomenal performers telling stories beautifully.”

May 11. Watch on

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