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ISOphotography And Reconciling With the New Normal

ISOphotography means exactly what you would think. A linking of objects or subjects in isolation through the lens of a camera. The concept is an idea that is based on mindfulness and is being explored as a means of self expression in a time when many of us are lost for words. Karen Merry, a former teacher and now a corporate photographer, has developed this idea into a whole new form of therapy and is interested in using ISOphotography to help others cope with anxiety.

As a professional photographer Merry has managed to combine her skills to help others and is in the process of developing a step by step training program on the art of ISOphotography which she plans to present on Zoom. This will include the practice of choosing a subject along with the alignment of shapes and the right lighting conditions to express a feeling, mood, emotion or all three at the same time.

It is a lot more than just taking a snap with a mobile phone and involves really studying what it is people intend to photograph and the way in which their choices express what is going on inside them. Then, of course, there is the editing and processing which may include special effects or the overlapping of images. For example Merry explained, “I was going through a very difficult time with a relationship and for some strange reason I was drawn to prickly things in the environment for my photographs. It helped me identify my feelings.”

Her advice to those seeking to use their photography skills to capture a moment in time which best illuminates what is going on with the inner self is as follows.

“Anchor your awareness in the present moment by framing your image, photograph it as if seeing it for the first time and allow the moment to be exactly as it is without judgment. Mental health professionals define something as therapeutic if it enhances insight into yourself, promotes the awareness and expression of feelings, and moves you into new, more helpful directions.”

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By Renee Lou Dallow

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