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I Do Drive Thru

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“Would you like vows with that?” COVID-19 restrictions mean a lot of couples have had to postpone or cancel their dream weddings, but I Do Drive Thru offers a novel solution to help couples tie the knot.

Inspired by the drive-in movies popular in the 1950s, the company launched their service in Melbourne. Now drive-through weddings have hit Sydney. Weddings can be arranged at various locations around the Lower North Shore, CBD, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West including the Art Gallery of NSW and North Bondi.

In NSW, a maximum of five people, including the person conducting the wedding, may be present at a wedding. Social distancing must also be practiced.

Couples and their witnesses arrive at a carpark in the chosen location in a car and a celebrant meets them at their vehicle. The ceremony is conducted while the couple sits in the car, and paperwork and certificates are passed through windows. Weddings can also be livestreamed on the I Do Drive Thru website.

“Even in a time of uncertainty love still exists and people still need to celebrate. There is still every reason to commit to marriage,” explains Mel Jacobs, the celebrant and entrepreneur behind the initiative.

“Imagine looking back on COVID 2020 with the fond memory of getting married in this unique way, then having the big celebration with family and friends to look forward to, down the track.”

I Do Drive Thru are partnering with photographers and car hire companies. In Sydney, couples can choose between vintage London style taxis or “luxury” kombi vans.

Packages start at just $400, meaning that couples who use the service can still save for their dream wedding down the line. Zena Lythgo, a celebrant with I Do Drive Thru says the company provides a novel solution to an essential service which is “more important than ever” during this time of crisis.

“Now more than ever it is important to be able to advocate for your partner in medical situations, ensure visas aren’t put in jeopardy and avoid any unnecessary conflict around wills and estates,” she says.

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By Allison Hore

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