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Historic Theatre Royal To Be Revived

Minister for Tourism Stuart Ayres & Trafalgar Entertainment Executive Chairman Tim McFarlane. Photo: Murray Harris

Sydney’s oldest theatre is set to reopen in 2021 after being closed in 2016. The move comes after the Berejiklian Government came to an agreement on a 55 year lease with British theatre company Trafalgar Entertainment (TE).

Theatre Royal has sat on the same site in the CBD’s MLC building since 1875 and became an invaluable cultural asset for both Sydney and NSW. As part of this new lease agreement TE have committed to completely refurbish the theatre, so as to bring it to modern international standards.

For Sydney theatregoers this development will help to foster the creative industries, reinvigorate Sydney’s night-time economy and bring new world-class theatre productions to the city. The latter of which has been pinpointed as of particular importance for TE with their ‘Sydney Gets It First’ mantra for the redeveloped theatre.

“We look forward to bringing the Theatre Royal back to life and working with our colleagues across the live entertainment industry to host a wide range of first-class Australian and international productions,” said Tim McFarlane, TE’s Executive Chairman Asia Pacific and Torben Brookman, Theatre Royal Sydney’s new CEO.

Not only will the Theatre Royal act as a preeminent live theatre space for Sydney but it will also act as a hub for live-streaming of theatre content and extensive community and educational material for regional audiences.

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