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Head On(line) Photo Festival

Photo courtesy Head On Photo Festival

Returning for its eleventh year, Head On Photo Festival will move completely online for this season’s festival, with immersive digital exhibitions and interactive talks and webinars. Featuring work from photographers from five continents, this year’s Head On festival will highlight over 100 exhibitions and will allow Australia’s leading photography festival to be accessible to more people than ever before.

Head On Festival Director Moshe Rosenzveig told City Hub, “this year is kind of an interesting one, because every year the whole idea of the festival is… mainly about meeting other people, talking to people, doing photography together, exchanging ideas, learning new things. It’s all about the get together, rather than just looking at pictures.”

Moshe is excited about the challenges the Head On Festival has faced this year however, saying: “The festival is much the same as before, but everything is online. The main thing, which is really exciting, is that we have a whole heap of webinars, which means it’s a two-way exchange. People can join in and ask questions and basically have a live exchange.”

Head On will this year become more accessible globally with Moshe saying, “having to move everything online started as a problem and turned to be a bonus, because now people from all over the world can experience the festival. This year it’s open to everyone.”

“We also have a virtual meeting place where everyone can have a drink together… I call it the photographer’s Tinder, so they can get together and exchange ideas and talk whatever they like.”

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By Madison Behringer