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Frenchy – Turn It Up

‘Turn it up’ is an expression which, like many Australian expressions, can come with multiple meanings depending on the various inflections placed on the phrase. At times it can mean partying hard and going all out, whereas at other times it can be an expressions of derision and disbelief. When the immortal phrase was first levelled at teacher turned comedian Ben ‘Frenchy’ French in Queensland it was most spouted with the latter meaning. Rather than let it get him down though the quirky, off-the-wall comedian turned it around and made a show out of it.

Turn It Up is Frenchy’s latest stand-up comedy special, released via Amazon Prime Video. In this special Frenchy brings his trademark crass, unpredictable humour to the fore as he takes aim at his own fans, football players and life in general.

This special is certainly not going to be for everyone. But if you’re willing to cringe at times you’ll be rewarded with fits of belly laughter and some surprisingly poignant social commentary at others.

★★★ ½

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