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From the UK comes this delightful comedy series that explores the day to day lives and loves of a couple of metal detectorists as they search paddocks for a 17th century Saxon ship burial.

Filmed in a quaint little town in Essex this pleasant and light-hearted show has a wonderful array of eccentric characters which viewers will immediately warm to.

Andy studies archaeology and lives with his girlfriend Becky. Lance is in love with his ex-wife who is happily partnered with the new man in her life.

Enter Sophie a 23-year-old history student who joins the detectorists in search of the treasure – is she a friend or foe? Is the body of a missing local woman buried in the paddock?

A contingency of rogue detectorists who resemble singers Simon and Garfunkel add to the mix providing much laughter as the race is on to find any artifacts of historical significance.

Audiences will be charmed and entranced by the quality of writing, which is overflowing with gags and funny one-liners.

Are the detectorists archaeologists or hobbyists? Is the treasure they’re looking for actually happiness in their lives and relationships? (MMo)

★★★ ½

Seasons 1 & 2 available to view on Acorn TV Australia –

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