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Custard – Respect All Lifeforms

Indie rock fans can rejoice – Custard is releasing its latest album Respect All Lifeforms.

A music video for the album’s leading single, Funky Again, has already been released and delivers on all artistic levels from an intriguing jazzy sound to striking visual appeal.

Appropriate for our time, the music video features social distancing along with two of Custard’s other favorites: Jacobean architecture and late 70s New York funk.

Originally formed in Brisbane during the the early 90s, Custard comprises four band members who have been churning out hits for decades.  

Respect All Lifeforms is Custard’s eighth album and will contain eleven fresh tracks, including titles like Couple’s Fight and A Cat Called No.

★★★ ½

Reviewed by Erika Echternach

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