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Butt Boy

Undiscerning viewers who enjoyed the idiocy of films such as the Sharknado franchise should enjoy the perverse originality of this loopy and bizarre satirical film.

The synopsis says it all. After a computer nerd attends a prostate examination, he has the ongoing insatiable fetish of inserting anything and everything up his anal passage – objects, animals, and even children!

Throw in an alcoholic detective who is investigating the mysterious disappearance of a child in an office and you have it all, a strangely enjoyable yet provocative D grade film which will undisputably stimulate unabated discussion.

Audiences will be drawn in from the opening scene, curious where this ludicrous film is headed. Notably, the actors deserve much accolade for maintaining straight faces throughout this laughably abhorrent film which is difficult to categorise in any specific genre.

Viewers are implored to keep watching as the peculiarity accelerates in the second half which leads to an insane and wildly imaginative climactic explosion of sorts! (MMo)


Available via On Demand services May 6.