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Belvoir Keeps ‘Artists At Work’

Due to ongoing social distancing measures nationwide, Belvoir Theatre, alike many other creative outlets, was forced to pause their productions indefinitely.

Recently, they launched an initiative called Artists At Work to begin phasing in actors to get things back to normal. A spokesperson from the theatre company said, “We have had to reimagine how to be Belvoir.”

A spokesperson from the company revealed that they would be focusing on a new way to tell stories including Counting And Cracking, Fangirls, The Drover’s Wife, and Barbara And The Camp Dogs. With community donations, the initiative could go a long way.

This past Tuesday, a few actors went in as the first of three teams to come in one day a week, to “turn the rough stuff of life into theatre.” They are also conducting play readings over Zoom.

The Artists At Work program pays homage to the roots of the company being “dogged and idealistic,” essentially made for the people by the people.

The company has been put under a massive amount of strain, having to let many employees go and suffering major cuts to working hours. They have managed to stay afloat with remaining finances and the government’s JobSeeker scheme.

By Rida Babar

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