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Australian True Crime: Live

Their podcast Australian True Crime has hit a whopping 1.4 million monthly listeners and this weekend hosts Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb present Australian True Crime: Live With Ron Iddles And Narelle Fraser. Produced by TEG Dainty, the virtual live event will feature Narelle interviewing Ron, both top Australian detectives who have become fan favourites on the podcast.

“Narelle is going to interview Ron, which is really exciting and something we’ve wanted to do for ages since the very early days of our podcast. They’re two coppers that used to work together back in the day and I think it’s so exciting,” said Meshel Laurie.

Narelle will be joining the Australian True Crime hosts live while Ron will join via video link from his home in Queensland.

Meshel went on to say, “I know that Ron and Narelle have unsolved cases that they’ve worked on together so I’m sure they’ll discuss those.” Following the interview, audience members will be invited to send in their questions in real-time for the two detectives.

“Our shows are always about our guests, it’s not really about us that much. We like helping other people tell their stories,” said Meshel, going on to say. “With Narelle and Ron we all get to listen to two old coppers chat which is something I think is everyone’s dream if you’re into true crime. It’s going to be a really exciting time.”

May 16. $19.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Madison Behringer

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