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The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

One of the better-quality Netflix films, this is ideal uplifting viewing for audiences who are feeling stressed about the uncertain times we are currently experiencing.

Based on a true story the film delves into the plights of a poverty-stricken tobacco farmer in Malawi Africa, who is finding it impossible to grow a crop owing to the shifts in climate. The dry season is killing the village.

William, the farmer’s teenage son, is intrigued by the workings of a bicycle headlight, which he ultimately utilises to create a windmill to draw underground water for irrigation. The subsequent windmills he built ensured villages could generate electricity and harvest year-round.

The film also explores the corruption within the local government and the resultant rallies organised for improved living conditions which only led to violence.

This is a superb, award-winning, family-friendly film boasting magnificent cinematography, mesmerising landscapes, sunsets and surprisingly good performances from African actors vastly unknown to Australian audiences.

The resounding message conveyed to audiences is that regardless of wealth or poverty, human resilience can conquer all obstacles and predictably William went on to complete his environmental studies at Dartmouth College USA. (MMo)



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