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Sofa King Fest

Music artists and volunteers from around the world have rallied together to create a unique music festival concept that doesn’t violate any social distancing measures. The Sofa King Fest is a curated collection of incredible live musical performance all in one spot and all available to watch from the comfort of your sofa.

As part of Sofa King Fest musicians are scheduled to perform at hour or half-hour intervals and have included the likes of Willie Nelson, Cypress Hill, Diplo, Major Lazor and A-Trak to name just a few. On the Australian front the Mary’s Group have been tasked with the role of “matchmaker” to introduce the concept to our talented artists and the benefits which the concept provides.

Speaking to City Hub earlier in the week Mary’s Group Music Director Joe Muller said, “While streaming music isn’t a new idea the Sofa King Fest provides a platform in the short term for artists to generate income streams, continue to have a direct connection to their fans and continue performing.”

While the idea of being able to watch a live music concert in the comfort of your own home is incredible the best part of the Sofa King Fest concept is that all money goes directly to the artist. Money which doesn’t just help the artists but also all of the ancillary people who work alongside them.

“The impact of COVID-19 have been far reaching,” explained Muller. “This has hit everyone who makes live music happen from agents, managers, promotors, lighting or sound technicians and dancers etc.”

While that may sound like doom and gloom Muller maintains a positive outlook. Particularly for a time when the social distancing restrictions begin to ease.

“As the social distancing and self isolating measures begin to relax there is going to be so much life and hunger in our community to have human contact. In times of recession people don’t buy houses or cars but they do go to the pub and see live music.”

There is also excitement within the industry regarding the music and art will see come from isolation.

“When you think about all of the artists around the world who have this unusual amount of time to spend focusing on songwriting it’s really exciting.”

All performances available online at

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