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Sam Wade – Living Through A Shutdown, A Comedian’s Perspective

I’m pretty sure 2020 did some shady shit back in the 80s because I have never seen something get so thoroughly and completely cancelled. We live in a time where most everything is shutdown, every job is essential and also completely expendable, where catching up with your mates is now a health hazard (unless you stand four square meters apart, in a bootcamp, while getting your hair did). It’s hard. Social distancing and isolation is rough.

Fair play, there is a legitimate health crisis right now, we should all be taking precautions not to spread the virus. It is, however, a bit rich, to be told off by our narc of a school principal about not taking things seriously and going to the beach, when Scotty from marketing fucked off to Hawaii as the country burned to the ground.

This is a particularly hard time for stand-ups. Because as grumpy and misanthropic as we can be (we can, we’re deeply insecure, it’s not you, it’s us) we thrive on face-to-face connection. We need it. There’s only so much material I can make from my sofa. Streaming comedy is not the same as being in a room and feeling the crowd go with you. As good as technology is at bringing people together nothing is as good as actually being together. Laughter is unifying.

And now, more than ever, we need a laugh. So take the situation seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously. Dress for business casual up top but let your business get casual down low.

Just make sure you wash your hands after.

Sam will be joining the Red Light Confidential – Isolation Series for a comedy stream on Instagram at 7:30pm, April 9.


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