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Netflix Party

With more of us self-isolating and spending time at home, we’ve been advised it’s safest to mainly interact with people in our immediate household. During this time I’ve been missing my pals more than usual so over the weekend we tried out Netflix Party. In a nutshell, the feature allows you to watch Netflix content in real-time with your friends, while also being able to pause, rewind and group chat throughout.

We decided to re-watch an old episode of Orange Is The New Black, and all was going swimmingly until one of us needed to pause the show to answer the phone, and then another pressed pause to get up and grab a snack. Being able to watch an episode of our favourite show in real-time together was definitely fun, but the group chat feature can be distracting and interrupts the viewing experience.

Netflix Party did allow us to feel like we were all enjoying a movie night together though, despite all being apart. The function’s real-time nature makes bingeing on your own a lot more fun and is a great option for spending time with friends during this scary time.

By Madison Behringer

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