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Malcolm Turnbull In Conversation With Annabel Crabb

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and respected journalist Annabel Crabb will be live streaming an in conversation on The Sydney Writer’s Festival Facebook page at 7pm, April 27. This will mark the first event in the new digital programming for the Sydney Writers Festival.

Malcom Turnbull is set to discuss his new and already controversial memoir, A Bigger Picture. The memoir, out April 21 has already caused a stir with rumours the book was leaked early by the Morrison government. It’s alleged, a staff member working for Prime Minister Scott Morrison, was responsible for circulating the e-book among politicians and staffers. Turnbull made headlines recently when he told 7:30 that Morrison was a, “lifelong political operator and he is a control freak.”

Turnbull has had a turbulent and colourful career in politics. He lost leadership to Tony Abbot in 2009. Reclaimed leadership of the Liberal Party by 10 votes in 2015. Then he resigned as Prime Minister in 2018 after a leadership spill. Since 2018, Turnbull retreated from the public arena and has focused on his family life. His new book offers insight into his political career and personal life.

Annabel Crabb, who has already written a biography on Malcom Turnbull, is well placed to offer real insights into this already intriguing memoir and it seems there is a lot to talk about.

Apr 27. Watch here:

By Mary Madigan

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