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Locked Together

Nick Frost & Simon Pegg

Over the past month, during the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown, Audible invited some of their favourite comedians to connect with each other from their homes. There are eight episodes in this audiobook series, and the highlights are Dawn French with Jennifer Saunders and Simon Pegg with Nick Frost.

From managing the cleaning sans cleaners (who would have thought the vacuum cleaner would be stored in the cupboard?) and the frustrations of jigsaw puzzles, to iso exercise and the need to wear a bra even when there’s no one around to see, this is a great glimpse into how comedians are putting their unique spin on life in isolation.

The wonderful thing to take from this audiobook is that even the funniest among us have their down days. Isolation is hard, and while the humour in each episode is a brilliant distraction, there is a stunning honesty that shines through.

Messed up schedules, anxiety-induced insomnia and Zoom fatigue – we’re all in this shared experience together.


Reviewed by Lisa Seltzer

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