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While best known for her work as part of the ARIA award winning band, All Our Exes Live In Texas, Katie Wighton is now relishing an opportunity to explore her creativity as a solo artists. Wighton is now performing under the name KIT and is set to officially launch her debut single, Good Guy, with an innovative live streaming event this Friday.

Moving into the realm of solo artist provided Wighton an opportunity to explore her full range of creativity.

“It took a while to understand and know what I wanted the sound of KIT to be,” explained Wighton. “It was really to cool to get a bit yelly [sic] and not worry too much about what I was creating though.”

This process of experimentation has eventually seen Wighton settle on a heavy, guitar driven rock sound. The debut single, Good Guy, sees Wighton taking aim at the bad behaviour of men.

“I had many conversations with my female friends in the music industry about bad behaviour from men in the industry. There were also these insipidly bad things, the little things that creep in that we excuse because they’re not too bad but that is the beginning of the end.”

Rather than taking the traditional approach of writing a sad song lamenting the negativity Wighton told us that she wanted to get out on the offensive and attempt to encourage change, “I’m asking people to act on their disappointment and frustration rather than just letting it carry on.”

With social distancing regulations currently preventing any public gatherings Wighton needed to find an innovative way to launch Good Guy. This Friday night she will do that by hosting a live streamed concert entitled Live From The Living Room across her social media feeds.

“It’s a bit of a strange time to release music but I didn’t want to put this song out without having some sort of celebration,” said Wighton before continuing. “So I’m having a live stream concert from my living room with some support from Bonnie Songs, Nancie Schipper and Hannah Blackburn, who are some of my favourite artists. We’ll check in say hello to each other and play a short set. Hannah and I live together, so our sets will be in our living room. I think it will be a really fun night and I’m looking forward to celebrating with everyone.”

Looking ahead to the end of the year Wighton is hoping that she will be able to hold a traditional live show, but she also believes live streaming of concerts, like her single launch, should continue one life returns to normal.

“It would be nice to think gigs could be a bit more accessible for people that can’t leave the house even when the majority of people have the luxury of going back to their ‘normal’ life. There are lots of people in society that are forgotten because they can’t access live music. So I think it would be cool if the landscape of music changed and we were able to include those people more.”

Wighton also hopes that society as a whole maintains the empathy that we’ve seen recently, “there has been a real showing of love for the arts, health care workers, the garbage men and the people that society couldn’t function without. So I hope the appreciation for those people continues.”

Apr 17. Good Guy Single Launch Streaming Live On Facebook & Instagram.