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It Must Be Heaven

No matter where we go, people are always the same. Such is the essential truth of life that is explored in It Must Be Heaven.

Elia Suleiman (who wrote the film and also stars as himself) moves to three different countries, plying his trade as a writer. Meeting a colourful cast of characters from New York taxi drivers to Parisian garbage collectors, his artful use of silence is what makes this film magic. As well as a pretty great soundtrack and some beautiful cinematography, this is a gem of a film in a bleak quarantine existence.

In the current climatewith no travel to look forward to in the foreseeable future, it is also a breath of fresh air and a glimpse into how others live their daily lives. Set in Palestine, Paris and New York, this is a comic, quirky saga exploring identity and belonging. And it will cheer you up.


Reviewed by Lisa Seltzer

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