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Hearts And Bones

Hugo Weaving delivers a powerful performance in this important but excruciatingly slow-paced film that examines the building friendship between a photographer and a refugee who dreams of a better life.

Daniel (Weaving) is a professional photographer who photographs ‘what his conscious asks him to.’ His photos are described as ‘misery porn,’ as much of his work is from war-torn Iraq. When he selects photographs to include in an exhibition, a refugee implores him not to include any from a massacre that occurred in his village. This ignites a series of events that changes both their lives.

Complex and multi-layered this film is topical and includes several confronting scenes that should spread awareness over the treatment and desperate plight of refugees globally.

Hearts and Bones is quintessentially a film that makes a universal statement on the social issues which confront refugees and should be seen by all audiences.

However, the film has little commercial appeal outside the art cinema circuit and may be lost amongst the more popular blockbuster films. (MMo)


Available May 6 via on-demand platforms followed by DVD on Jun 3

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