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Griffin Lock-In

Roshelle Fong

Thanks to social distancing measures live theatrical performances have been forced to shutter right across the city. This week though Griffin Theatre is turning the internet to give Sydney’s theatre loving residents five incredible new shows, all for FREE!

Griffin Theatre, with the assistance of Google’s Creative Lab, have commissioned five innovative and experimental artists to create performances especially designed for a live streamed presentation. With only a week to prepare the works could last one hour or they could just as easily be only five. They might be deeply interactive or observationally awe-inspiring. Only the artists truely know what’s planned.

““We asked five extraordinary artists a huge question: How do you create the feeling of live theatre when it’s all happening online? I think this question holds huge implications for the future of our art form—not just now, but in the long-term as well. I’m so excited to see what these artists propose,” said Griffin Theatre Artistic Director Declan Greene.

Joining the Lock-In lineup from 7pm each night is: comedian, singer, and internet maven Jordan Raskopolous; Sydney performance collective Black Birds; award-winning performance artist Harriet Gillies; discotheque DJs-slash-talk show hosts The Dollar Bin Darlings; and Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist Roshelle Fong.

Each work will remain online for 24-hours, after which they will disappear into the the eternity.

Apr 21-25. FREE. Watch the shows here:

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