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First Day

With the LGBTQ community gaining continued acceptance in recent years, it was only a matter of time before a children’s show was produced which dealt with the hardships experienced by a 12-year-old transgender girl traversing into high school.

ABC Television has courageously tackled the topic, possibly for the first time, in this excellent four part mini-series (four 30-minute episodes) which also serves as an educational tool against bullying and discrimination.

Young actress Evie Macdonald plays the pivotal role of Hannah, the girl who is terrified that the bully from her previous school may reveal her secret and shatter her life.

Should she reveal her secret to her best friend? Is it wrong of her parents not to allow her to engage in sleepovers with girlfriends? Should she attend the swim camp? These are just a few of the traumas she must contend with.

The need for belonging, acceptance and self-identity issues are themes handled with honesty and emotion, ultimately delivering the message that everybody should be proud of who they are.

Suitable for all audiences over the age of 12, this is a program that parents should watch and discuss with their children afterward.

Congratulations to ABC Television for bravely bringing this rarely told story to children’s television! (MMo)